MASSIVE list of DJ mixes and live sets

List still exists, it’s just been moved HERE.  Please bookmark the new page and spread the word.


Thanks for stopping by!

~ by fringebreaks on September 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “MASSIVE list of DJ mixes and live sets”

  1. hey!! breakcore is the shit! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    Im making a collection of BGMW live sets you inspired me to start it. I love this music and seriously it does give me many erections!

  2. ^^TMI 😉

    Commendable service you’re providing. How bout adding alternate links to the original pages where you got ’em so you don’t get accused of hotlinking & users can check out artist pages/tracklists etc.

  3. Thanks guy’s, glad to see it’s of use to people!

    I had thought about link to the page, but many of the sets were gleaned from pages similar to this one, so I really only have the direct links in those cases. And I’m a sucker for consistency, so..
    I can see your point though. I may go through and link to Discogs pages so people can learn more about any artists they like.

    Frank, TMI indeed, but I like your enthusiasm. lol 🙂

  4. Very nice site, thx very much!

    The d-aq.sed mix has a broken link, thought I’d report it.

  5. wget is your mp3 leeching friend!

  6. you rule!

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