Where To Buy Breakcore Records (In The United States)

So there has never been a ton of options here in the U.S., but there are almost none these days as opposed to a few years ago.  Just thought I’d put a post together to help anyone who is looking.

Places I Have Personally Ordered From

Wrecked Distro – Based in Pittsburgh.  In my view, this is the premier source here in the U.S.  Not nearly as active as, say, five years ago, but a nice backstock list and always reasonable prices.  Who knows, if things pick back up and the US Dollar can stop being a joke currency, maybe we’ll see some new releases making their way over here again.  Wrecked is run by Geoff Cutups, whose awesome and varied mixes you may have heard.  You couldn’t ask for a better guy to buy records from, IMO, and I highly recommend this shop.  Since 2002, I’ve placed about 60+ orders and I’ve never had a bad experience.  As a bonus, Wrecked has one of the coolest DIY site layouts ever.

Applecore Mailorder – Based in New York.  Again, not nearly as active as they once were, but still a trickle of new releases coming through.  I’ve noticed a lot more dubstep than breakcore here these days but, again, check the backstock and you’ll find some gems.  I’ve always had good experiences shopping here, very professional and highly recommended.

Dr. Freecloud’s – Based in L.A.  Ron D. Core’s shop and he stocks a lot of different stuff.  Prices are a little high but he comes through with some real rarities from time to time.  Bought there a couple of times and the service was good.  Even with the higher prices, I still say support this guy because he really is a huge supporter of vinyl and I think it’s great that he stocks such a wide variety and puts the time and money in to get those brand new imports.

Low Res – Based in Detroit.  Low Res has always been an originator and they are still in the game 10+ years later.  Bought here a couple of times and I can not speak highly enough about them.  There was a small error made on one of my orders and I got a few free records AND an awsome t-shirt.  Check the link and you’ll see some releases you probably thought were long gone.  And don’t forget to click on the “Other Labels” link for some spankin hot new imports at extremely fair prices.  Would almost seem to good to be true, but it’s the real deal.  One of the best shopping experiences I’ve ever had.

Freeburning – L.A. based.  Primarily a jungle/drum & bass shop, they’ve been around a long time and occasionally will have some real gems in the breakcore and raggacore vein.  Haven’t ordered from here in about 6 years or so but, when I did, they were cool.  Used to be that you could actually call them up and they’d play records for you over the phone in the days before everything was online.  Some nice crossover material to be found in their crates.

Zion’s Gate – Seattle based.  Used to have a dedicated website, but seems they have moved entirely to Discogs.  There’s a ton of stuff to wade through but they are probably one of today’s biggest purveyors of new breakcore imports.  Have ordered 3 times and it’s always been a positive result.

Anthem Records – Another Seattle based shop, these guys get the imports that no one else seems to carry.  I’ve purchased from them through Discogs and they’re great, highly recommended.

Systemic Audio – Another seller that used to have a dedicated website but has now moved entirely to Discogs.  These guys used to be right up there with Wrecked and it always seemed that what one didn’t get in, the other one did.  I think at this point, Systemic is just throwing their backstock up on Discogs and seeing what they can get rid of.  If that’s the case, they’ll be missed by this collector.  Take a look and you’ll still find some great titles at great prices.

Bent Crayon – Been a long time since I ordered here and I didn’t even realize they were still going, but thanks to ninemilleter from the IHateBreakcore forums for the heads up.  Just had a look around the site and you have to dig a little bit, but there’s still plenty of nice stuff here.

Places I’ve Not Yet Ordered From (Leave a comment if you try any of them and let us know how it went!)

Dis.eased Wrekkids – Not too active, by the looks of it.  Backstock list looks interesting though, with prices that seem almost too good to believe.  Lots of Zhark stuff.

Killercore.org – This is the From The Gut distro.  Not an extensive stocklist, but mostly smaller U.S. labels that you might have a hard time tracking down elsewhere.  I have no reason to believe that this place would not be on the up and up, as the From The Gut crew is very involved in the scene.  Only reason I haven’t ordered from here yet is because I’ve already got everything they have in stock that I need.

Soleilmoon – Saw some Zhark and Ant-Zen on the list, maybe a few other interesting bits.

In addition to all of these shops, you can find a lot of reliable sellers on Discogs, which is where all the rare items are these days.  Click HERE for a list of breakcore vinyl from U.S. based Discogs sellers and have a look around.

Breakcore, gabber or anything like that is nearly non existent on Ebay these days but once in a great while, you’ll see someone putting up some nice items.  I’ll usually check in there about once a week to make sure I’m not missing out on anything.  Since it’s like a ghost town there these days, you can actually snag some good deals because not many people who would drop real cash are paying attention there anymore.

Contact U.S. labels directly!  Though it would seem obvious, I often forget this myself.  In particular, No Room For Talent has treated me very well when I’ve ordered directly.  By and large, I think you’ll find that most of these guys will be really happy to hear from you and will often throw in extras like stickers, magnets or CD’s.  If nothing else, just drop them a line and let them know you appreciate what they’re doing!

As a last resort, you can always bite the bullet and spring for the overseas shipping.  That’s a whole different can of worms and, once you’ve resigned yourself to paying the high shipping costs, you can put together a nice big order and get any new releases you could dream of.   I’m not going to put together an overseas guide because there are so many options but, suffice to say, the big four could get you just about anything you want:  DSWAT, Praxis, Ad Noiseam, The Hard Store

If there are any stateside shops/dealers I’ve missed, leave a comment with a link.  Or, if you’ve shopped at any of these places and have good or bad feedback, leave a comment as well.

Hope this is helpful and remember, support breakcore and support vinyl!



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One Response to “Where To Buy Breakcore Records (In The United States)”

  1. we got a HUGE Breakcore section here at
    home:bass/Anthem Records in portland oregon.


    401 B NE 28th
    Portland, OR 97232

    *reactionary records and Lodubs records are based in this shop too 😉

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