Somatic Responses – Zombie Apocalypse [Thac0 Records]

The latest offering from Thac0 Records out of Pittsburgh has been announced and it promises to be just as amazing as the previous ones.  It’s on the way to my mailbox even as we speak and I’ll be putting up a review as soon as I get it.  I haven’t seen it pop up at any distros yet, but you can order it by emailing to

Corrupted, oozing flesh clinges to mangled bones. Weary husks shamble down once familiar streets now lined with the dead. Insatiable carnal cravings drive hoards of undead further across a desolate landscape.

Hailing from Wales, the brothers Healy present their vision of the world after the zombie plague engulfs the planet. Over the course of Zombie Apocalypse (THAC0AC4), they flow seamlessly from dreary atmospheric dirges to crushing rhythmic noise onslaughts, only to meet a pustulant dark acid ending. This 12″ record is on green vinyl with a cover by Nick Nenov, limited to 300 copies, and available now.


( sample 1)

( sample 2)

( sample 3)

~ by fringebreaks on October 12, 2009.

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