Mix Of The Day roundup for week ending 10/24/09

Since I’ve just started doing this, I’ve started off with some classic mixes that most breakcore heads out there have probably heard.  Still though, I think they’ve all held up quite well and are still well worth listening to.  For people who are new to this music, these are some mixes you should really hear if you want to familiarize yourself with some of the classics.

You can click here for the archive page where I add the links each day.


10-24-09 C64 – Breakcore Jungle V.2     Download

This is a classic mix from the tail end of what I consider to be the best period for breakcore and it includes many key tracks.  There are a couple of the earliest Rotator tracks, one of the greatest raggacore tracks ever made IMO (Badman Time) and plenty of tracks that walk the fine line that used to exist between dark drum & bass and what would come to be known as breakcore.  Like some of the previous entries I’ve put up here, this is one of the most influentual mixes I can remember from when I got into this stuff.  Also, this marks the first release on C64’s Drosstik Records, which has since released three utterly essential compilation EP’s and a handful of CD’s.

Relevant links:  Dross:tik Records, C64


10-23-09 Davros – Live @ Inferno, May 2005     Download

Not sure where I found this one, but I could no longer track down the link.  So I went ahead and uploaded it and here it is.  Recordings of his live sets tend to be few and far between, so be sure to check it out.  In my opinion, this is second only to his Schizophrenia 3 set (as far as recorded ones go).  Very dark, heavy and just straight up rockin.  Also, check Abelcain’s website (linked below) for some free downloads he’s put up for public consumption.

Relevant links:  Abelcain


10-22-09 Diskore – Extreme Electronics And Splintered Beats     Download

From 2003 and not exactly a rarity, but one of my favorites and certainly worth mentioning here.  This was one disc of the first Darkmatter release, with the other disc being a collection of tracks by Minion and Resurrector (check out the track “La Muerte” for something truly beautiful).  This mix explores what I think of as “industrial breakcore” and, like any truly great mix, it puts classics right alongside the latest tracks.  Very heavy on Praxis and related stuff that is more on the breakcore side of things, as well as the Hymen and Ant Zen style that is closer to pure industrial.  The mixing is aggressive and, for the most part, well executed.  Definitely a mix that opened my eyes to a lot of new music at the time and the one I would first recommend to anyone who is interested in this style of music.

Relevant links:  Darkmatter Soundsystem, Diskore, Resurrector


10-21-09 Destro – Zod Mix 1     Side A / Side B

Extremely hard to find tape from 2001.  This is one of my all time favorites and I haven’t seen it online elsewhere, so I thought it fitting that I should kick things off with this one.  Rarely will you hear breakcore mixed this flawlessly.  Every track he plays in this is a classic and the flow of the mix is just perfect.  Please keep in mind this was recorded from tape several years ago and encoded at 128k because I didn’t know any better.

Relevant links:  Zod Records

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