[Review] Somatic Responses – Zombie Apocalypse

So this record finally hit my mailbox and it’s amazing to see something like this in 2009.  ACID.  I was just thinking a few days ago that it seems like nobody does that hard DBN style acid anymore and, sure enough, drop the needle on “The Infected” and it’s fast, hard, frantic and squelchy.  I was stunned and so, so happy to hear this.  It’s like a timewarp back to 1996 with a pounding and repetitive kick to guide you and shards of acid squelch flying around at double speed.  Somatics were always great in this mode and they certainly haven’t forgotten how to do it.  “Attack” is another acid workout, but without beats.  The first half of the track is droning and moody and then you hear the twisted bass dueling with the squelcy highs the rest of the way out.  This is an interesting track that will surely open up a lot of possibilities for mixing.

On to side B and “Survival” which is my pick of the record.  It has a Pounded Mass style broken beat with sparse percussion over the top along with rig wrecking bass and shrill, metallic highs.  It hits that sweet spot in the 180ish bpm range and the kicks go at half time, making this the best and most versatile track on the record from a mixing standpoint.  You’ll have some fun with this one.  “Future” is dark droning ambience without a beat or bleep in sight.  Very moody and creepy.  And finally comes “The Infected (Dark Acid Mix)” which is probably the biggest surpise on the record, as it is straight up acid house.  I’m not usually a fan of this style because it just tends to be too slow for my tastes.  So I probably won’t be dropping this one much, but I think as far as acid house goes, it’s pretty good.  It is well produced, as you would expect, and there is a certain funk to it that can keep me listening.

As usual, Thac0 knocked it out of the park with the presentation on this record, with green vinyl and amazingly detailed artwork depicting zombies partaking in various zombie activities.  Gruesome, really, and utterly awesome.  All things considered, this is a great record and should not be passed up.  With the wide variety on here, almost anyone should be able to pick out at least one track that will make it worth the price of admission for them.

“Zombie Apocalypse” is now available stateside at Wrecked or by emailing the label directly at: 8cylinder@rhinoplex.org.

~ by fringebreaks on October 30, 2009.

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