Mix Of The Day roundup for week ending 10/31/09

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The following were added this week:

10-31-09 Doormouse – Soft & Gentle     Side A / Side B

I got this tape back in 2000, I think, and it’s safe to say that it changed my life.  Funny that “retard beats and farting sounds” could change someone’s life, you say?  Well, it mainly changed my ideas about DJing because the mix on the B side had such an unpredictable range of sounds on it.  For one thing, it was the first time I ever heard a Bogdan Raczynski track (Checkers!).  The live PA side was equally great to me because it was the first time I heard Toxic Jungle and saw that drum and bass could be taken up a notch and didn’t have to stick to that 2 step beat that had taken over.  I had never heard anything that was so in your face and just balls out crazy and I immediately called up Massive and ordered all the Doormouse records I could get my hands on.  Whatever Doormouse is doing now, he will always have my respect because of this tape and because of the role he played back in those days.  He was one of the artists that changed the way I thought about music and I think I’m a much better person for it.

Relevant links:  Doormouse, Addict Records


10-30-09 Cutups – Fortean Crimes     Download |     Cutups – Astral Flash     Download

OK, today we’re going to have a twofer, just because it’s mah birthday (31, Bitches! :)).  Cutups is the owner of Wrecked Distro and one hell of a DJ.  I was just going to link the Fortean Crimes mix today, but I’m also throwing up a link to his latest mix just because it kicks so much ass.  Fortean Crimes was originally included on CD in the Jagoff Uprising boxset and it showcases a ton of absolutely essential breakcore tracks and top notch mixing.  Astral Flash is a on a whole different wavelength but is equally awesome.  The focus for this one is BASS, and lots of it.  There are some great dubstep tracks here, but don’t expect a dubstep mix.  In true Cutups style, it’s just great music pulled from all over the place and mixed to perfection.

Relevant links:  Cutups, Wrecked, Thac0


10-29-09 Martial Flaw – Urban Warfare 4     Download

This is the latest in the Urban Warfare series, which emphasizes the political side of many different genres.  At times deep and dubby, at times balls out beat fuckery, the two mixes I’ve heard in the series have been the epitome of the word eclectic.  I really don’t know much about Martialflaw, but I do know that he is a master at putting together sets that flow well and tell a story.  Also check out the Death Poetry series, where he adeptly explores death as a musical theme.

Relevant links:  Martial Flaw (only link I could find that resembles anything like an artist page for him)


10-28-09 Ripley – Ich Bin Defekt     Download

This was a mix released on Death$ucker in 2005.  If you like DJ Rupture’s older mixes, you will absolutely love this one.  All things jungle can be found here, with several excursions into the harder side of things as well as some very soulful moments.  Ripley does an excellent job here of choosing break driven tracks that are unique and she mixes them aggressively and cohesively.  Props really are in order here for the ambitious and eclectic tracklisting.

Relevant links:  Ripley Blog, Ripley Soundcloud, Death$ucker


10-27-09 DJ Zeitgeist – L’Invite Fantome     Download

Originally released as a tape, I somehow got a hold of a hand painted CD version of it several years ago.  DJ Zeitgeist is the founder of the now defunct System Corrupt label from Australia.  This mix starts off with an Abelcain track from Low Res 5, which really sets the tone.  From there, it’s all about dark industrial tinged sounds, gabber and speedcore.  The mixing is great and overall, this mix will take you on a nice ride.  Enjoy!

Relevant links:  DJ Zeitgeist, System Corrupt


10-26-09 Baseck – Dodelijk In Detroit     Download

Very limited CDr Baseck put out in 2008 that came with a homemade wrestling mask (which doesn’t fit any normal human head, by the way).  Normally, a Baseck mix is very abstract, packed with tricks and basically splattered all to hell (in a good way).  But with this one, it’s more drum & bass flavored and steppy (in a good way).  A straight dancefloor killing mix like you always suspected Baseck was capable of but never really heard.  At least, this is the first I’ve heard of him in this mode.  There are still tricks and some hardcore moments, it’s just a different vibe.  After a few listens, I really have to say this is one of my favorites of his.

Relevant links:  Baseck, Darkmatter Soundsystem, Sonic Death Rabbit


10-25-09 Leekid – H20     Download

This is one of the more recent mixes on the Bruits de Fond label and also one of my recent favorites.  Leekid creates the perfect balance of IDM flavor, funk and noise, all flawlessly mixed.  I had not heard of him before this, but further investigation revealed that this mix is just the tip of the iceberg.  His site (linked below) has a ton of mixes by him in every style you can imagine.  This guy has a versatility and impeccable taste in music that you really don’t find often.

Relevant links:  Bruits de Fond, Leekid

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