Mix Of The Day Roundup For Week Ending 11-14-09

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Been busy with work, so no update last week and a few days missed.  But here is what I’ve put up over the last two weeks.  Enjoy!


11-14-09 Hellfish & Producer – No Mistakes Allowed (51 Minutes Of Fury)     Download

Included in the Deathchant tin from back in 2000, this mix consists of the biggest Deathchant tunes from the first six years of the label’s existence.  These are classics, the tracks that defined the label and took gabber to a place beyond just a distorted 909 kick, incorporating breaks, filtered bass drums and hip hop samples aplenty.  I really miss this sound and still dust this mix off every few months or so.  As it is, Deathchant took a turn toward the Frenchcore side of things not too long after this came out and only recently came back to a more break oriented sound.  But it’s still not the same and, for that reason, this mix is pure gold.

Relevant links:  Hellfish, Producer, Audio Sickness (distro)


11-13-09 Soundmurderer – Wired For Sound     Download

You may know of Soundmurderer from his Rewind releases with SK-1.  Or maybe his Ghostly International releases.  Or maybe his Starski and Clutch ghettotech project.  Or his Jared Wilson acid workouts.  Or…. and so on and on and on.  At any rate, if you’ve got your ear anywhere near the ground, you’ve probably heard some of his work.  He is, in my opinion, one of the greatest musicians of our time, regardless of genre, as it seems like he can do any style and do it with the best.  Well, in this mix he is paying homage to his jungle roots and offering up a flawless mix of the biggest tracks from the early days of amen mashing.  If you or anyone you know needs a crash course on jungle or if you just want to revisit the golden age, this is the mix you want need.  This originally came out on Kid606’s Violent Turd label on a CD in three parts, but it’s been ripped as one long file for convenience.  Enjoy!

Relevant links:  Soundmurderer, Violent Turd


11-11-09 Don Daka – History Lesson Vol. 1     Download

Mix CD from 2003 or so, oldschool jungle, loaded with rare dubplates from back in the day.  If you wanna see how it’s done, don’t miss this one!

Relevant links:  Couldn’t find any


11-10-09 Spankbass – Monster Rodeo     Download

Ok, so I’m not really a fan of dubstep.  I actually quite dislike about 98% of it.  But this is a good mix that finds parts of the genre that (imo) are worth listening too.  Being that this mix is part of the Peace Off Free Mix series, I would expect nothing less, to be honest.  Glad to hear something like this because even though I hate most of the dubstep I hear, I know there are some gems out there and I just don’t have the time or desire to wade through all of it  So if you’re like me (or are a fan of dubstep), check this one out.

Relevant links:  Spankbass, Peace Off, Switch Distro


11-9-09 Mark N – Under Sufferance     Download

This is hands downs my favorite hardcore mix of all time. The track selection is the perfect balance between what was new at the time and what was already classic. He’s got breakcore, gabber and drum & bass in the mix, all done with a nice touch of hip hop flavor. The mixing is seamless and his scratching is on par with all those big name turntablist DJ’s the hip hop kiddies idolize. The difference here is that he does it over music that is way more complex and he can actually mix. Timing, tension, release, skills and track selection… everything about this mix is perfection.

Relevant links:  Bloody Fist, Noise Exchange, Noise Exchange MP3


11-6-09 Deadly Buda – Reverse Engineered     Download

No mix yesterday and need to be quick today, so I’ll just drop this one here.  This is a classic mix from one of the guys who has been involved in the U.S. hardcore scene from the very start.  Great tracks on here and a nice snapshot of what was going on as the breakcore scene was emerging.

Relevant links:  Deadly Systems


11-04-09 Tykal – Classicore     Part 1 / Part 2

This was done in two parts and the theme is breakcore that samples or is influenced by classical (from what I understand).  But let’s just say breakcore that is a little more musical than your run of the mill stuff.  At any rate, I like both of these mixes and I think that, technically, a very skilled DJ put these together.  While something like this could easily lead to pretentious wankery, it doesn’t in this case.  Thank god, because pretention is always lame and can ruin good music in a hurry.  Many mixes that try to take on a complex theme end up seeming cobbled together with whatever pieces may be close at hand, but these tracks are thoughtfully chosen and I get the feeling that the process of putting these together was a very patient one.  The real genius in all of this that Tykal is able to cast aside any notions of “breakcore should be this” or “breakcore has to be that” and find the common thread in these very different pieces of music.  Two thumbs up from me!

Relevant links:  Tykal, Tykal’s Vinyl Rips


11-3-09 Ron D. Core – Dr. Freecloud’s Psychedelic Drugstore     Download

This is hands down the best acid mix I’ve ever heard.  It contains classic after classic, spanning Djungle style hard acid, floaty trance and hard percussive techno from back in the day.  The mixing is good for the most part, though there are a few parts that are a little sloppy.  Still though, the flow of the mix is great and is not really affected by any technical imperfections.  If anything, they add to the authenticity of the experience.  I really wish this kind of techno could see a comeback because I wasn’t there the first time around and I’d love to have the chance to hear somebody spin this stuff on a good soundsystem.  Highlights for me include “Helixcoid”, “Everything Was Legal”, “Pain” and “The Big Deal.”  I’ve actually been collecting the tracks that are featured on here for the past several years and am working towards getting all of them, as I don’t really think there’s a weak link in this mix.  This was originally a CD that was released in 1993, but was re-pressed in a limited run of 100 copies in 2005 or so.  I was lucky enough to grab one of them and I hope I can bring a smile to a few faces by posting this up.

Relevant links:  Ron D. Core, Dr. Freecloud’s


11-2-09 Mark H – Breakbeat Ammunition     Download

Back when Ebay was the prime spot to buy rare records and people were getting crazy money for early breakcore and old school jungle stuff, I remember being outbid by this guy on way too many occasions.  He has impeccable taste when it comes to anything break oriented, whether it be jungle, drum and bass or breakcore and I always look forward to hearing his mixes.  This particular mix is jungle and D&B with a lot of atmospheric sounds and intelligent break programming.  The mixing is on point and it seems like a lot of thought went into the tracks used so that it would be a cohesive listening experience, and it is.

Relevant links:  Mark H


11-1-09 Fexomat – Metalcore Extended     Download

In this age of digital DJing, you would expect the bar to be raised and, unfortunately, it is not in many cases.  Rather than take advantage of the software revolution to do things that traditional vinyl DJing wouldn’t allow, the majority of people (DJ’s, not producers) who have made the digital leap are simply using it as a shortcut to accomplish things that have been done for decades.  But there is at least one person I know of who is absolutely pushing the envelope and utilizing new technology to it’s fullest potential.  That person is Fexomat.  To be fair, his mixes are actually closer to remix projects, as he completely dissects and mangles metal, pop, hip-hop and hard edged electronics to create sound collages that are without equal.  Metalcore was, I believe, the first set he released to the public and it has been dropping jaws for a few years now.  Metal infused with breaks on such an epic scale is a match made in heaven, if you ask me.  This is a perfect example of technology put to good use and I wish more people would leave the DJing to us vinyl dinosaurs and use the new toys for next level stuff like this that we can’t do.  History and progress living happily, side by side?  Maybe some day, who knows.

Relevant links:  Fexomat, Darkstep.org

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