[Review] DJ Hidden vs. Throttler – Grim Noire / Digital ID

Going into this one, I expected the DJ Hidden track to be the standout, as many of the Throttler’s tracks that I’ve heard have been a little on the repetitious side and often have an odd bit of off timing in the track that makes them awkward on the DJ side of things.

But I think the Hidden cut falls flat here. The production quality is excellent as always, but this one just sounds like a “Later After” outtake. Too slow for my tastes and, though fairly pounding in some spots, it just doesn’t hit the spot that many of his other productions hit for me. Might be alright as a transitional bit in the mix, but just too samey if you play it too long. But to be fair, with as many tracks as he gets pressed, you can’t expect all of them to be bangers, nor should they be.

Now the Throttler cut on the other hand is a slick, pounding, morphing track that kind of epitomizes this hardcore drum and bass thing that’s been going on for a while now. Deep bass, stuttered repetition and slowly building into gabber flourishes. Dancefloor damage. I’ll definitely be playing this one quite a bit.


No source for this one statside, but The Hard Store ships fast and is fairly affordable.

~ by fringebreaks on November 24, 2009.

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