[Review] The Outside Agency – Reality Collapse / Hell’s Basement

Ok, so I’m pretty late in getting down to a review on this one, but if there’s anyone out there who is unfamiliar with this track, now you know.

“Reality Collapse” is THE track of 2009, full stop. This is DJ Hidden at his very best, in my opinion, as he combines gabber, hardcore drum and bass and, last but not least, a sublime acid line. Mark N has been caning this one for a long time now and the first time I heard it was when I saw him play. In a set full of amazing moments, the breakdown in this track flat out sucked the air out of the room with the creeping acid line and then the drop blew everything to pieces. Maybe it was the time and place (a sweaty room packed full of heads raised on Midwest acid), but this track has burned itself a cozy little place in my brain. Over a year later and some kind of flashbulb memory takes me back to that room every time I hear it. But my personal experience aside, this track is the real deal and needs to be in your crate. In a word, amazing.


There doesn’t seem to be any place to get this stateside, but The Hard Store has a repress in stock and they have acceptable shipping rates plus a quick turnaround time.

~ by fringebreaks on November 24, 2009.

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