[Review] FFF – Dubcore Vol. 7

I’ve been following FFF closely since the first time I heard his Clash 7″ and he’s really a chameleon of sorts, having done many different styles and done them well. But this one is the kind of sound I tend to associate with him. That being breakcore and jungle with extreme ragga and rave influences. Not a hint of irony in sight, just ‘Ardkore brought into the 21st century and given steroids. This is his sound. The only record in recent memory that I think I could possibly mistake for an FFF production would be Pisstank’s “Ravecore Anthems.”

On this yellow 7″ you get one track more on the ragga side and one that is ravecore to the bone. “Sodomize A Rasta” is the faster of the two and utilizes hoovers, insanely chopped breaks and some of the same samples used in his “Punisher” track last year. But there is also some seriousness in it, as he drops a sample addressing the homophobic language and attitudes that pervade Jamaican dancehall culture and, by extension, much of the ragga jungle that samples from it. “Your Time Is Up” is centered around a great pitched up female vocal but also utilizes acidic elements and a piano line. A little less frantic and chopped, this is the more dancefloor friendly of the two tracks. The A-side is like a hammer to the face and the B-side more like a rubber mallet.

This is fast becoming one of my favorite FFF records, and that’s saying quite a bit when you look at his extensive back catalogue. These tracks are a little more out there than, say, his Planet Mu record and that suits me just fine. If you want ravecore that isn’t the butt of it’s own joke, track this one down.


“Dubcore Vol. 7” doesn’t seem to have made it to U.S. shores, unfortunately, but you can head on over to the label’s online store and order it there.

~ by fringebreaks on December 1, 2009.

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