[Review] Istari Lasterfahrer – The System Works Because You Work

Istari Lasterfahrer has been doing his thing since the early 90’s and you can really feel the influence of that era on this, his first real full length album. Put gabber, early rave and early jungle in a blender, puree, add some guitar samples for garnishment and serve with a side of chiptune and this is what you’ll get.

There are way too many good tracks on here to do a play by play, but just know that this album is the doggie’s hangers. Amazingly, I can’t really find a track on here that I can say I don’t like, no joke. For the most part, everything on here is very mixable and on a fun, happy vibe. Favorite tracks? ‘Get Slick Like Hardcore Shit’ for it’s “All ya other DJ’s all a buncha jerks” sample fuckery. ‘MDMA’ for being possibly the best intro piece ever for a rave set, basically a ditzy girl describing her first MDMA experience with various delays and pitching effects over it. But the best track on here has got to be ‘Break Of Dawning.’ It starts with piano and the standard amens and then in comes a guitar sample that instantly reminded me of the one in Aaron Spectre’s ‘You Don’t Know.’ Then a female vocal saying something about “I’m shakin my ass till the early mornin” drops into the mix and is pitched up gradually, really driving things to a peak. All of the elements just work together perfectly and make up a track that could be weaved in and out to drive a dancefloor crazy. A real 4am kind of track.

So if you’re a fan of Istari’s past material, you’ll like this. Just think of it as the crown jewel in his catalog. And if his stuff is foreign to you but you like fun, ravey music, start here and work your way back. To put it simply, just run out and buy it!


I picked up my copy from Anthem Records in the U.S., but I’m not sure if they have any more.  If not, you can purchase from the label or over at Praxis.

~ by fringebreaks on December 1, 2009.

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