Interviews & Articles

It’s always interesting to know what makes people tick, so here I’ll be compiling a list of interviews I find online.  Audio, text and video.  If you know of an interesting interview that should be linked here, drop a link in the comments and I’ll add it.  Also, any interesting articles I find will be linked here as well.


Aaron Spectre (2007)

Alec Empire (2006)

Andrew Whelan (2009)

DJ Hidden (2009)

DJ C (2007)

DJ Scud (2000)

Drumcorps (2009)

Enduser (2007)

Ronin (2007)

Toecutter (2008)

Venetian Snares (2003)

Venetian Snares (6/6/06)

Venetian Snares (Isolate Records Interview)

Venetian Snares (Noisebrothel Interview)

Venetian Snares (Noiseloop Interview)

Venetian Snares (Absorb Interview)

Venetian Snares (Montreal Mirror Interview)


Doormouse (2008)

Prometheus Burning Part 1(2009)

Prometheus Burning Part 2(2009)

Stunt Rock (2008)

Venetian Snares (A Tape Recorder And A Banjo)

Venetian Snares (Extreme Music Interview)


Andrew Whelan (2009)

Bogdan Raczynski

Mark N (2008)

Mike Paradinas Part 1 (2008)

Mike Paradinas Part 2 (2008)

Mike Paradinas Part 3 (2008)

Venetian Snares (2008)


Addict Crew: Autobismal Piledriver 2003 Tour Diary

Flashcore, Earth, Atomizer, Let’s Go!

Praxis Newsletter 18:  Breakcore?

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