Mix Of The Day Roundup For Week Ending 11-14-09

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Been busy with work, so no update last week and a few days missed.  But here is what I’ve put up over the last two weeks.  Enjoy!


11-14-09 Hellfish & Producer – No Mistakes Allowed (51 Minutes Of Fury)     Download

Included in the Deathchant tin from back in 2000, this mix consists of the biggest Deathchant tunes from the first six years of the label’s existence.  These are classics, the tracks that defined the label and took gabber to a place beyond just a distorted 909 kick, incorporating breaks, filtered bass drums and hip hop samples aplenty.  I really miss this sound and still dust this mix off every few months or so.  As it is, Deathchant took a turn toward the Frenchcore side of things not too long after this came out and only recently came back to a more break oriented sound.  But it’s still not the same and, for that reason, this mix is pure gold.

Relevant links:  Hellfish, Producer, Audio Sickness (distro)


11-13-09 Soundmurderer – Wired For Sound     Download

You may know of Soundmurderer from his Rewind releases with SK-1.  Or maybe his Ghostly International releases.  Or maybe his Starski and Clutch ghettotech project.  Or his Jared Wilson acid workouts.  Or…. and so on and on and on.  At any rate, if you’ve got your ear anywhere near the ground, you’ve probably heard some of his work.  He is, in my opinion, one of the greatest musicians of our time, regardless of genre, as it seems like he can do any style and do it with the best.  Well, in this mix he is paying homage to his jungle roots and offering up a flawless mix of the biggest tracks from the early days of amen mashing.  If you or anyone you know needs a crash course on jungle or if you just want to revisit the golden age, this is the mix you want need.  This originally came out on Kid606’s Violent Turd label on a CD in three parts, but it’s been ripped as one long file for convenience.  Enjoy!

Relevant links:  Soundmurderer, Violent Turd


11-11-09 Don Daka – History Lesson Vol. 1     Download

Mix CD from 2003 or so, oldschool jungle, loaded with rare dubplates from back in the day.  If you wanna see how it’s done, don’t miss this one!

Relevant links:  Couldn’t find any


11-10-09 Spankbass – Monster Rodeo     Download

Ok, so I’m not really a fan of dubstep.  I actually quite dislike about 98% of it.  But this is a good mix that finds parts of the genre that (imo) are worth listening too.  Being that this mix is part of the Peace Off Free Mix series, I would expect nothing less, to be honest.  Glad to hear something like this because even though I hate most of the dubstep I hear, I know there are some gems out there and I just don’t have the time or desire to wade through all of it  So if you’re like me (or are a fan of dubstep), check this one out.

Relevant links:  Spankbass, Peace Off, Switch Distro


11-9-09 Mark N – Under Sufferance     Download

This is hands downs my favorite hardcore mix of all time. The track selection is the perfect balance between what was new at the time and what was already classic. He’s got breakcore, gabber and drum & bass in the mix, all done with a nice touch of hip hop flavor. The mixing is seamless and his scratching is on par with all those big name turntablist DJ’s the hip hop kiddies idolize. The difference here is that he does it over music that is way more complex and he can actually mix. Timing, tension, release, skills and track selection… everything about this mix is perfection.

Relevant links:  Bloody Fist, Noise Exchange, Noise Exchange MP3


11-6-09 Deadly Buda – Reverse Engineered     Download

No mix yesterday and need to be quick today, so I’ll just drop this one here.  This is a classic mix from one of the guys who has been involved in the U.S. hardcore scene from the very start.  Great tracks on here and a nice snapshot of what was going on as the breakcore scene was emerging.

Relevant links:  Deadly Systems


11-04-09 Tykal – Classicore     Part 1 / Part 2

This was done in two parts and the theme is breakcore that samples or is influenced by classical (from what I understand).  But let’s just say breakcore that is a little more musical than your run of the mill stuff.  At any rate, I like both of these mixes and I think that, technically, a very skilled DJ put these together.  While something like this could easily lead to pretentious wankery, it doesn’t in this case.  Thank god, because pretention is always lame and can ruin good music in a hurry.  Many mixes that try to take on a complex theme end up seeming cobbled together with whatever pieces may be close at hand, but these tracks are thoughtfully chosen and I get the feeling that the process of putting these together was a very patient one.  The real genius in all of this that Tykal is able to cast aside any notions of “breakcore should be this” or “breakcore has to be that” and find the common thread in these very different pieces of music.  Two thumbs up from me!

Relevant links:  Tykal, Tykal’s Vinyl Rips


11-3-09 Ron D. Core – Dr. Freecloud’s Psychedelic Drugstore     Download

This is hands down the best acid mix I’ve ever heard.  It contains classic after classic, spanning Djungle style hard acid, floaty trance and hard percussive techno from back in the day.  The mixing is good for the most part, though there are a few parts that are a little sloppy.  Still though, the flow of the mix is great and is not really affected by any technical imperfections.  If anything, they add to the authenticity of the experience.  I really wish this kind of techno could see a comeback because I wasn’t there the first time around and I’d love to have the chance to hear somebody spin this stuff on a good soundsystem.  Highlights for me include “Helixcoid”, “Everything Was Legal”, “Pain” and “The Big Deal.”  I’ve actually been collecting the tracks that are featured on here for the past several years and am working towards getting all of them, as I don’t really think there’s a weak link in this mix.  This was originally a CD that was released in 1993, but was re-pressed in a limited run of 100 copies in 2005 or so.  I was lucky enough to grab one of them and I hope I can bring a smile to a few faces by posting this up.

Relevant links:  Ron D. Core, Dr. Freecloud’s


11-2-09 Mark H – Breakbeat Ammunition     Download

Back when Ebay was the prime spot to buy rare records and people were getting crazy money for early breakcore and old school jungle stuff, I remember being outbid by this guy on way too many occasions.  He has impeccable taste when it comes to anything break oriented, whether it be jungle, drum and bass or breakcore and I always look forward to hearing his mixes.  This particular mix is jungle and D&B with a lot of atmospheric sounds and intelligent break programming.  The mixing is on point and it seems like a lot of thought went into the tracks used so that it would be a cohesive listening experience, and it is.

Relevant links:  Mark H


11-1-09 Fexomat – Metalcore Extended     Download

In this age of digital DJing, you would expect the bar to be raised and, unfortunately, it is not in many cases.  Rather than take advantage of the software revolution to do things that traditional vinyl DJing wouldn’t allow, the majority of people (DJ’s, not producers) who have made the digital leap are simply using it as a shortcut to accomplish things that have been done for decades.  But there is at least one person I know of who is absolutely pushing the envelope and utilizing new technology to it’s fullest potential.  That person is Fexomat.  To be fair, his mixes are actually closer to remix projects, as he completely dissects and mangles metal, pop, hip-hop and hard edged electronics to create sound collages that are without equal.  Metalcore was, I believe, the first set he released to the public and it has been dropping jaws for a few years now.  Metal infused with breaks on such an epic scale is a match made in heaven, if you ask me.  This is a perfect example of technology put to good use and I wish more people would leave the DJing to us vinyl dinosaurs and use the new toys for next level stuff like this that we can’t do.  History and progress living happily, side by side?  Maybe some day, who knows.

Relevant links:  Fexomat, Darkstep.org

Mix Of The Day roundup for week ending 10/31/09

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Mix Of The Day archive, click here.

The following were added this week:

10-31-09 Doormouse – Soft & Gentle     Side A / Side B

I got this tape back in 2000, I think, and it’s safe to say that it changed my life.  Funny that “retard beats and farting sounds” could change someone’s life, you say?  Well, it mainly changed my ideas about DJing because the mix on the B side had such an unpredictable range of sounds on it.  For one thing, it was the first time I ever heard a Bogdan Raczynski track (Checkers!).  The live PA side was equally great to me because it was the first time I heard Toxic Jungle and saw that drum and bass could be taken up a notch and didn’t have to stick to that 2 step beat that had taken over.  I had never heard anything that was so in your face and just balls out crazy and I immediately called up Massive and ordered all the Doormouse records I could get my hands on.  Whatever Doormouse is doing now, he will always have my respect because of this tape and because of the role he played back in those days.  He was one of the artists that changed the way I thought about music and I think I’m a much better person for it.

Relevant links:  Doormouse, Addict Records


10-30-09 Cutups – Fortean Crimes     Download |     Cutups – Astral Flash     Download

OK, today we’re going to have a twofer, just because it’s mah birthday (31, Bitches! :)).  Cutups is the owner of Wrecked Distro and one hell of a DJ.  I was just going to link the Fortean Crimes mix today, but I’m also throwing up a link to his latest mix just because it kicks so much ass.  Fortean Crimes was originally included on CD in the Jagoff Uprising boxset and it showcases a ton of absolutely essential breakcore tracks and top notch mixing.  Astral Flash is a on a whole different wavelength but is equally awesome.  The focus for this one is BASS, and lots of it.  There are some great dubstep tracks here, but don’t expect a dubstep mix.  In true Cutups style, it’s just great music pulled from all over the place and mixed to perfection.

Relevant links:  Cutups, Wrecked, Thac0


10-29-09 Martial Flaw – Urban Warfare 4     Download

This is the latest in the Urban Warfare series, which emphasizes the political side of many different genres.  At times deep and dubby, at times balls out beat fuckery, the two mixes I’ve heard in the series have been the epitome of the word eclectic.  I really don’t know much about Martialflaw, but I do know that he is a master at putting together sets that flow well and tell a story.  Also check out the Death Poetry series, where he adeptly explores death as a musical theme.

Relevant links:  Martial Flaw (only link I could find that resembles anything like an artist page for him)


10-28-09 Ripley – Ich Bin Defekt     Download

This was a mix released on Death$ucker in 2005.  If you like DJ Rupture’s older mixes, you will absolutely love this one.  All things jungle can be found here, with several excursions into the harder side of things as well as some very soulful moments.  Ripley does an excellent job here of choosing break driven tracks that are unique and she mixes them aggressively and cohesively.  Props really are in order here for the ambitious and eclectic tracklisting.

Relevant links:  Ripley Blog, Ripley Soundcloud, Death$ucker


10-27-09 DJ Zeitgeist – L’Invite Fantome     Download

Originally released as a tape, I somehow got a hold of a hand painted CD version of it several years ago.  DJ Zeitgeist is the founder of the now defunct System Corrupt label from Australia.  This mix starts off with an Abelcain track from Low Res 5, which really sets the tone.  From there, it’s all about dark industrial tinged sounds, gabber and speedcore.  The mixing is great and overall, this mix will take you on a nice ride.  Enjoy!

Relevant links:  DJ Zeitgeist, System Corrupt


10-26-09 Baseck – Dodelijk In Detroit     Download

Very limited CDr Baseck put out in 2008 that came with a homemade wrestling mask (which doesn’t fit any normal human head, by the way).  Normally, a Baseck mix is very abstract, packed with tricks and basically splattered all to hell (in a good way).  But with this one, it’s more drum & bass flavored and steppy (in a good way).  A straight dancefloor killing mix like you always suspected Baseck was capable of but never really heard.  At least, this is the first I’ve heard of him in this mode.  There are still tricks and some hardcore moments, it’s just a different vibe.  After a few listens, I really have to say this is one of my favorites of his.

Relevant links:  Baseck, Darkmatter Soundsystem, Sonic Death Rabbit


10-25-09 Leekid – H20     Download

This is one of the more recent mixes on the Bruits de Fond label and also one of my recent favorites.  Leekid creates the perfect balance of IDM flavor, funk and noise, all flawlessly mixed.  I had not heard of him before this, but further investigation revealed that this mix is just the tip of the iceberg.  His site (linked below) has a ton of mixes by him in every style you can imagine.  This guy has a versatility and impeccable taste in music that you really don’t find often.

Relevant links:  Bruits de Fond, Leekid

[Review] Somatic Responses – Zombie Apocalypse

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So this record finally hit my mailbox and it’s amazing to see something like this in 2009.  ACID.  I was just thinking a few days ago that it seems like nobody does that hard DBN style acid anymore and, sure enough, drop the needle on “The Infected” and it’s fast, hard, frantic and squelchy.  I was stunned and so, so happy to hear this.  It’s like a timewarp back to 1996 with a pounding and repetitive kick to guide you and shards of acid squelch flying around at double speed.  Somatics were always great in this mode and they certainly haven’t forgotten how to do it.  “Attack” is another acid workout, but without beats.  The first half of the track is droning and moody and then you hear the twisted bass dueling with the squelcy highs the rest of the way out.  This is an interesting track that will surely open up a lot of possibilities for mixing.

On to side B and “Survival” which is my pick of the record.  It has a Pounded Mass style broken beat with sparse percussion over the top along with rig wrecking bass and shrill, metallic highs.  It hits that sweet spot in the 180ish bpm range and the kicks go at half time, making this the best and most versatile track on the record from a mixing standpoint.  You’ll have some fun with this one.  “Future” is dark droning ambience without a beat or bleep in sight.  Very moody and creepy.  And finally comes “The Infected (Dark Acid Mix)” which is probably the biggest surpise on the record, as it is straight up acid house.  I’m not usually a fan of this style because it just tends to be too slow for my tastes.  So I probably won’t be dropping this one much, but I think as far as acid house goes, it’s pretty good.  It is well produced, as you would expect, and there is a certain funk to it that can keep me listening.

As usual, Thac0 knocked it out of the park with the presentation on this record, with green vinyl and amazingly detailed artwork depicting zombies partaking in various zombie activities.  Gruesome, really, and utterly awesome.  All things considered, this is a great record and should not be passed up.  With the wide variety on here, almost anyone should be able to pick out at least one track that will make it worth the price of admission for them.

“Zombie Apocalypse” is now available stateside at Wrecked or by emailing the label directly at: 8cylinder@rhinoplex.org.

Several New Releases on No Room For Talent

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No Room For Talent always seems to put releases out in spurts, and the next one is a doozy.  First, there is the Generation Rx Vol. 2 double cassette and a free 8 track download from In Broken Key which will be followed by his latest 12″ (yes!).  Just the news of these releases is enough make me drool but, amazingly, there are two more releases looming on the horizon:  a Slutmachine 12″ and a Christoph de Babylon 12″ in the Feed The Machine series.

Yes, sometimes life is very, very good.  🙂

This post is just a heads up for anyone who wasn’t aware of these, but for full info on these and other NRFTR releases, head on over to their website.

Mix Of The Day roundup for week ending 10/24/09

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Since I’ve just started doing this, I’ve started off with some classic mixes that most breakcore heads out there have probably heard.  Still though, I think they’ve all held up quite well and are still well worth listening to.  For people who are new to this music, these are some mixes you should really hear if you want to familiarize yourself with some of the classics.

You can click here for the archive page where I add the links each day.


10-24-09 C64 – Breakcore Jungle V.2     Download

This is a classic mix from the tail end of what I consider to be the best period for breakcore and it includes many key tracks.  There are a couple of the earliest Rotator tracks, one of the greatest raggacore tracks ever made IMO (Badman Time) and plenty of tracks that walk the fine line that used to exist between dark drum & bass and what would come to be known as breakcore.  Like some of the previous entries I’ve put up here, this is one of the most influentual mixes I can remember from when I got into this stuff.  Also, this marks the first release on C64’s Drosstik Records, which has since released three utterly essential compilation EP’s and a handful of CD’s.

Relevant links:  Dross:tik Records, C64


10-23-09 Davros – Live @ Inferno, May 2005     Download

Not sure where I found this one, but I could no longer track down the link.  So I went ahead and uploaded it and here it is.  Recordings of his live sets tend to be few and far between, so be sure to check it out.  In my opinion, this is second only to his Schizophrenia 3 set (as far as recorded ones go).  Very dark, heavy and just straight up rockin.  Also, check Abelcain’s website (linked below) for some free downloads he’s put up for public consumption.

Relevant links:  Abelcain


10-22-09 Diskore – Extreme Electronics And Splintered Beats     Download

From 2003 and not exactly a rarity, but one of my favorites and certainly worth mentioning here.  This was one disc of the first Darkmatter release, with the other disc being a collection of tracks by Minion and Resurrector (check out the track “La Muerte” for something truly beautiful).  This mix explores what I think of as “industrial breakcore” and, like any truly great mix, it puts classics right alongside the latest tracks.  Very heavy on Praxis and related stuff that is more on the breakcore side of things, as well as the Hymen and Ant Zen style that is closer to pure industrial.  The mixing is aggressive and, for the most part, well executed.  Definitely a mix that opened my eyes to a lot of new music at the time and the one I would first recommend to anyone who is interested in this style of music.

Relevant links:  Darkmatter Soundsystem, Diskore, Resurrector


10-21-09 Destro – Zod Mix 1     Side A / Side B

Extremely hard to find tape from 2001.  This is one of my all time favorites and I haven’t seen it online elsewhere, so I thought it fitting that I should kick things off with this one.  Rarely will you hear breakcore mixed this flawlessly.  Every track he plays in this is a classic and the flow of the mix is just perfect.  Please keep in mind this was recorded from tape several years ago and encoded at 128k because I didn’t know any better.

Relevant links:  Zod Records

Realicide – The Choice Is Yours EP [Void Tactical Media]

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Just read on the Void website that they will be releasing a 4 track EP by Realicide.  Very exciting news, as Realicide is just about as hardcore as it gets and furthermore because the tracks are said to be reworkings that will be a bit more DJ friendly.  According to the site, this should be out by the end of October and available for preorder soon.  This is sure to be punk breakcore at its finest!

Somatic Responses – Zombie Apocalypse [Thac0 Records]

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The latest offering from Thac0 Records out of Pittsburgh has been announced and it promises to be just as amazing as the previous ones.  It’s on the way to my mailbox even as we speak and I’ll be putting up a review as soon as I get it.  I haven’t seen it pop up at any distros yet, but you can order it by emailing to 8cylinder@rhinoplex.org.

Corrupted, oozing flesh clinges to mangled bones. Weary husks shamble down once familiar streets now lined with the dead. Insatiable carnal cravings drive hoards of undead further across a desolate landscape.

Hailing from Wales, the brothers Healy present their vision of the world after the zombie plague engulfs the planet. Over the course of Zombie Apocalypse (THAC0AC4), they flow seamlessly from dreary atmospheric dirges to crushing rhythmic noise onslaughts, only to meet a pustulant dark acid ending. This 12″ record is on green vinyl with a cover by Nick Nenov, limited to 300 copies, and available now.


( sample 1)

( sample 2)

( sample 3)